Once upon a time there was this little girl who didn’t really care what negative things other people tell her.

BLA... BLA... BLA...

And she lived happily ever after.

- Mystqx -


EYO! Educate Your Opinion

 EYO! is a witty dictionary on debunking stereotypes and refuting labels.


A unique find! Revel in the exquisite art of poetry, composed with intense imageries and intriguing visuals.  Featuring Mandala Art coloring pages that will inspire creativity and enlighten your mind, and blank writing pages where you can bare your own heart.

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Dictionary of words defined by the heart


The Rebel Queen

Ramblings of a rebellious heart Collection of Writings

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Mystqx Skye is unique and she shouldn’t be stereotyped nor labeled in any way or she would tell you to “EYO!” in all languages possible.  A woman of free spirit, her small frame didn’t hinder her to exhibit her rebellious nature. As luck would have it, her mental and emotional state is still stable despite the crazy choices she made in her life (i.e., read her books to know). Once in a blue moon, she disappears somewhere in this world to feed her curious mind and satisfy her lust for adventure. But every once in a while she leaves a trail at her social media accounts in case you want a clue on what’s up her sleeves while she rediscover herself and write another compelling book.

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