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my love affair with writing

...the feel of fibers as I skim my fingers on pages where moist ink are deeply engraved

to see the words slowly awaken... to form phrases that spread through the sheets

immersing it with meanings... yet unwritten to curious eyes...

that mystery... that thrill... and the liberating feel

of finding my heart engulfed

in all of it...

- Mystqx -

New Book

EYO! Educate Your Opinion

EYO! Educate Your Opinion is a witty dictionary on debunking stereotypes, including amusing cartoons and blank pages (guess what for!).

2022 EYO! Print Cover 308x216 PNG.png
NGIBA 2022 Finalist HR PNG.png
Bared - Home

A unique find! Revel in the exquisite art of poetry, composed with intense imageries and intriguing visuals.  Featuring Mandala Art coloring pages that will inspire creativity and enlighten your mind, and blank writing pages where you can bare your own heart.

golden door awards.jpg

F L O W - Dictionary of words defined by the heart

The Rebel Queen  Ramblings of a rebellious heart

Writings - Home
The Writer

Beautiful contradiction, free spirit

and a rebellious heart -

is what she is...

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